AMPM Mobile Solutions is the Answer to All Your Complex ADC Needs

Your work environment is unique. Given the variety of automated data collection (ADC) equipment options, and the potential range of applications, you cannot rely on a cookie-cutter approach to your ADC needs.

AMPM Offers:

  • Traditional ADC Consulting

  • Project Management & Training Services

  • Troubleshooting

The process of obtaining an ADC system in your facility starts with you. It is very easy to get wrapped up in choosing the devices and hardware, however taking a step back from the technical picture and focusing on the problem you want the ADC system to solve will be beneficial in the long run. Some things to consider are:

  • Objectives

  • Goals

  • Where your highest return on investment will be

Laying out and understanding the underlying problem will help the Professional Services team at AMPM plan a system that will be most beneficial to your company.

If you’re ready to enter into the world of ADC, the Professional Services team at AMPM has an extensive knowledge base and is ready to help. We’ll assess your current situation from start to finish and make recommendations for your personalized ADC system as well as what hardware to choose.


Support All Your Deployed Wireless Devices From One Place

It is hard to keep all of your employees up-to-date, let alone, their wireless devices. Device management offers a level of support that far and away surpasses the service offerings from our competitors. AMPM can provide remote support for your devices allowing them to be upgraded, re-commissioned, rebooted and even wiped without even leaving the operators hand.

Whether the devices are within your four walls or out in the field, AMPM can offer a suite of key services that can be included in your device management:


AMPM provides the first tier of technical support for your mobile devices. Should a device become inoperable in the field we can reboot the device, reload software and even reload the whole operating system without the device leaving the operators hands.


AMPM can provide compliance based security policies including lost/stolen lockdown or wipe, encryption key rotation and role based access rights management.


Customized reports can be developed that can provide key business intelligence on network availability, device performance, user process performance, supplier SLA achievement and more.


Firmware and application updates can be distributed to devices easily without the device needing to be returned to the IT Department. Any updates can be scheduled for most suitable time e.g. in-between shifts or overnight.

Asset management

Included within the device management package is a clear register of devices including serial number, IP addresses, MAC addresses, locations etc. Know what devices you have and where they are at all times.

There are several different roads you can go down with remote device management:

  • AMPM will host, support and maintain your system, but you can have access anytime.

  • AMPM will install system on your server, support and maintain it.

  • The system is installed and AMPM will provide training, but it is maintained by you.

One thing that is clear from many market research reports is that the overall cost of ownership for a mobile device is predominantly taken up by the non-hardware cost of running those devices. Costs like device commissioning, update management and helpdesk support soon add up and unless managed, can spiral out of control leading to budgets being stretched or broken. Device management offers the opportunity to reduce those costs significantly while also enhancing the efficiency of your business by making your assets more available and reliable for a known cost.


You're Ready to Go-Live and We're There For You

It is an exciting time when you’re ready to flip the switch on your new system, but it can also be nerve wracking. To ease this transition, we’ll be there when you go-live. We’ll be able to help you plan the go-live, monitor it, and train the users to get them up to speed on the new system. If you think you’re ready to do it on your own, we can support you remotely either by phone, helpdesk, or remote device management

  • Onsite Device Configuration and Installation

  • Onsite Go-Live Support

  • Remote Go-Live Support

  • Wireless Controller Installation

4. Staging and Configuration

Take Your Products Out of the Box and onto the Floor, Fast

Your time is too important to waste with DOA (dead on arrival) equipment, complex configurations or dense manuals. AMPM eliminates delays by preparing your equipment for immediate use. If your products are ordered at various times, we’ll ensure that each device is configured like the rest and that there is consistency among all your mobile devices.

Typical staging activities include:

  • Take every product out of the box

  • Verify all parts are present

  • Loading and licensing your client software

  • Configuring devices for your wireless network

  • Setting barcode symbology and terminal parameters

  • Running on board diagnostics

  • Enabling security

  • Performing carrier activation if required

  • Asset tagging

  • Upgrading or downloading OS or firmware revisions

  • Device training

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