Get the most comprehensive survey report in the industry

  • Our Wireless engineer begins on site and tests various access point locations by measuring signal strength, signal quality, noise levels and other parameters.
  • We find the “edges” of each access point cell and create a map that ensures complete coverage with appropriate overlap.
  • With a special software, we walk through your site to locate and identify sources of interference including cordless phones, microwave ovens, heavy machinery, welders, rogue access points, Bluetooth devices and more.

We don’t fill in a few fields and call it a day. Our reports take an average of four to six hours to create and are packed with the information you need to succeed, including:

  • Pre-installation requirements
  • nstallation instructions and details
  • Power requirements

  • Reference materials

  • Detailed specification sheets for each access point that indicate:

    • Location

    • Orientation

    • Channel settings

    • Measured signal to noise ratio and data rates

    • Comprehensive instructions for the installer